John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

What I've lost.

The other day I mention to someone, in the course of a conversation, that I pray every day and they said “I didn’t know you were religious”

I’m not religious.

I’m not religious because religion is belief in someone else’s version of spirituality. I try, and please note that I used the try, to be a spiritual person, meaning I’m developing my own experience with God. 

So I pray. And so question is then, what have I gained from taking a few moments to pray, which means stopping to examine my daily life and speak to God?

Actually, I haven’t gained anything from it.  I mean nothing, tangible. But I’ll tell you what I’ve lost from prayer. I’ve lost my perpetual anger that has ruined so much of my life, I’ve lost my hostility over being born poor, I’ve lost the sense of being alone in the world….I’ve lost a lot and I’m a better man for it. 

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