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Life lesson: Change

Change is an ongoing and largely consists of you taking command of your life. 

Want something?  Then go after it. If you don't go after it, you'll never have it. It's that simple.

Want something? Ask for it. If you don;t ask for it the answer will always be "No" and the sad thing about that is that you are the one giving the answer, you are the one telling yourself "No"

Do you want to move ahead in this life? Then take a step forward. If you don't take a step forward you always, always, always be in the same place.It's that simple.

Change is difficult and its scary. But you can do it. It's that simple.  


Year One, 1955: Teens race cars

Year One, 1955: Teens race cars

Life lesson

It's easy to put yourself down and once you're down and it's even easier to stomp on yourself. This is especially true when your going through a tough time. Well in those times, remember this; no life struggle over any issue makes you less lovable or less deserving. Recognizing that your going through a bad time doesn't mean your needy or weak. It just means you, like everyone else on the planet at some point, are struggling. It's okay. Don't worry about it. This too shall past, I assure you.  You're going to be alright.   

A different parking lot

Life lesson

Listen to people. It's a difficult thing to master, but try. But always remember that the things that aren't being said are the most important part of the communication. Never give up control.

It's, like, a fact, you know?

Life lesson

The world will try to place limitations on you and often they'll succeed in that quest. Don't let it happen. Break out of those limitations and any other negative thing that holds you back and then watch how your world will transform.Never give up control and there will be many willing to take from you.

No more coffee for this guy

Emerson Said It: Hamatreya

Emerson Said It: Hamatreya

Life lesson

Logic, reasoning and patience will be absolutely useless are those miserable souls who are absolutely determined to misunderstand you. Explain yourself to them once and then run away. Don't walk away, run away. 


Life lesson

Seek out the intelligent, look for the one who enlightens and the person who is kind. Seek them out because they are living treasures. The intelligent will open your mind and expand your understanding of your world and your self. The kind are loving and they will help you to open your heart so you can lead a happy life.  It's worth the search for these people. And when you search them out you will find them.

Not that guy


Be happy. The entire universe is here for you.

So on the creep scale of one to ten...................

What happens when my blood sugar drops and I need sweets


Life lesson

You have enormous power within you. What you think, you can create and what ever you imagine for yourself, you can become. it's that simple. The only thing stopping you is you.

What its like when I get a good idea for a story

Life Lesson. Move along.

Change is difficult. Growth is hard.  Moving along is the worst. But you have to do these things because staying someplace where you no longer belong can become painful.

This is what morning are for me

Life lessons

Be you. You’re authentic. Don’t trade it in for approval.  Be strong, it’s hard to do, but do it. Show the world you have courage enough to speak the truth and accept yourself for who and what you are and always remember, through the worst of it and the darkest moments that you are a child of God and he loves. Live as child of God should live. Run for mediocrity. Be humble but desire mastery and genius. Be kind, as difficult as it sometimes is, be kind. Have passion in your life and for your life.  Do it now. Not tomorrow. Do it now.

You don't find David Sedaris wonderful? Okay fine. Maybe this will change your mind.

Life lesson to live by

In today’s America where the definition of family changes with divorce and remarriage, remember this; Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family.

Happiness is Julie Andrews singing in the Alps with a machine gun