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I spent my childhood in foster care so I have a great interest in seeing the system change because foster care is a national disgrace. I believe that if the average American knew what was going in the foster care system, they would stand for it. The problem is that the kids who make it through the system are to busy trying to stay alove to write about what happens in foster care. So I've put up these blogs and post news story to them twice a week under the theory that if we can push foster care to the front, Americans, who are good decent people, will take notice and demand change.   

Foster kids web page

Foster kids own story

Foster care legislation

Murder, Death and Abuse in Foster Care

Foster Childrens Blog

Angels and Saints in the Foster Care System

Worldwide Foster Care

Aging Out of the system

The Foster Children's Bill of Rights

Mount Saint John School



Half the world

A poem


Happy Together Tour

We went to Wolftrap ( A performance center outside of DC, owned run by the US Interior Department) abd saw the "Happy together Tour" with the Mickey Dolenze,  The Turtles, Gary Puckett, The Grass Roots and the Buckinghams. You can see more photos on my blog spot "Child of the Sixites forever" (Yeah, that's me as a kid in the photo on the page) 

I hate it when my wife takes my picture..

My photograpgy site

You are welcomed to drop by a site where I put some photographs I've taken this year. I got a new Canon and I'm learning to shoot, enjoy



Took a day off and drove west to Winchester Virginia and Berekly Spring West Virginia

Winchester's main street, nice shops, good places to eat  

Crab cakes, very popular in the greater DC area 

                                           I was forced to go shopping

                                      That's West Virginia up front

This the natural spring in Berkely

The town hired  aband to perfom, turned out they were from my old neighborhood, New Haven Ct.


On the way back to DC we stopped at an Italian restaurant in Winchester we had spotted earlier in the day and tried it out, it turned out to be very good.

The Star movie house in West Virginia, a wonderful old theater, its two dollars for a show 

Found this wonderful piece in the Winchester Library...yeah, I stop in libraries alot.

Humor is

Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's
superiority to all that befalls him. -- Romain Gary (1914-1980) French Writer