John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Here's Mary at Oscar Wilde's statue

Here's Mary at Oscar Wilde's (Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde) statue in Merrion Square in Dublin. I think Wilde, even as the snob he could be, would have liked this portrayal of himself. He leans back looking at his family home number 1 Merrion Square, across the street. (The Dail Eireann, the Irish parliament, is on the other end of the street) Merlin Holland, Wilde’s grandson was the model used for the sculpture’s head.

Here's another shot of Mary at the Westin, Dublin. We were  exhausted at that point, having spent two weeks around the Ireland, most of that time with the flue. Still in all, it was fun.

The other John Tuohy

This fine fellow on the left is also named John Tuohy. He lives in Dublin Ireland. We belong to a society of people who share the Tuohy surname. John joined us for dinner at the Westin Hotel in Dublin when we were there in August 2014. The father of three boys, John is about to retire from the Irish National Police (The Garda) after almost 40 years on the beat. 

More "just found em" photos from old camera. These are meatballs and sausage I made from a recipe I learned from a guy in Las Vegas who was called Joe Pigs.

Bart the Dog

Downloading a camera I haven't used in a while I found these photos of my dog, Bart. No, in fact, I don't know why he has a bath towel on his head although the obvious answer is that he needs to dry his hair after a shower. Anyway, for my regular readers, I thought you might enjoy meeting him.

 This is Bart's winter outfit for snow days. He got the suit for Christmas. My wife bought it for him. He likes it, he likes to wear it.

                                                                Bart in his bed

Back from Ireland and I brought a flu with me. Following that line of thinking (Irish=potatoes) Here's a heart shaped potato I found in a bag of potatoes I bought