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Good words to use


Marked by restraint especially in the consumption of food or alcohol; also : reflecting such restraint
From the Latin prefix abs-, meaning "from" or "away." But abstain traces to the Latin abstinēre, a combination of abs- and the Latin verb tenēre ("to hold"), while abstemious comes from the Latin abstēmius, which combines abs- with tēm- (a stem found in the Latin tēmētum, "intoxicating beverage," and tēmulentus, "drunken") and the adjectival suffix -ius ("full of, abounding in, having, possessing the qualities of").

(hi-JY-ruh, HEJ-uhr-uh) 

A journey or migration, especially when taken to escape an undesirable situation.

From the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE to escape persecution. From Arabic hijra (departure), from hajara (to depart). Earliest documented use: 1590.


 1: a trusted military leader (as for a medieval prince)
 2: a leading champion of a cause
In ancient Rome, the emperor's palace was located on the Palatine Hill, known as Palatium in Latin. Since the site was the seat of imperial power, the word palatium came to mean "imperial" and later "imperial official." Different forms of the word passed through Latin, Italian, and French, picking up various meanings along the way, and eventually some of those forms made their way into English. Paladin is one of the etymological heirs of palatium; another descendant is the word palace.

Sudden enlightenment or intuitive understanding.

From Japanese satori (understanding), from satoru (to know or understand). Earliest documented use: 1727.

I made this

I'm on a high protein diet and its working well, 18 pounds in three weeks, blood pressure is down to 120, blood count is at 125....but breakfast is getting monotonous so I went to the store to buy some creamed chip beef but reading the package it was just one chemical after another. So I made my own. If I had know it was so simple and so very very very good, I would have done this years ago. It took three or four minutes to make. I substituted coconut floor for regular flour, put in Irish butter and used cream instead of coconut milk....wow, fantastic.

I, Me, My

For a smile

Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce

We had a wonderful time at the Martinsburg chamber of commerce auction the other night.

Mary bid $40 on a clock that turned out to be worth $400

This is my friend Hans, he's an interesting guy. A Choate -Columbia lawyer, he was the broker who sold us our home...he is also VERY easy to crack up