John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Be back shortly

I'm off to a resort in North Carolina for a week,till then, be safe and be happy. John

Its okay

.........and while you're being flawed, remember to laugh

Good advice, especially as you age

and remember to laugh



Poe. Ever read about him? Interesting man, interesting life, sad in many ways.

I just love Emerson.....................

I believe it about you

The best people

Cut the rope


Misunderstanding and a kid dancing

be your own creative self


I admire a man with simple desires who knows what he's doing

I'm, cheering for you!

Yeah, I groaned too, but it's kind of funny....Jesus saves

It's all about passion in the arts

George B. Kearey, Mitchell´s Book Shop, Manchester, 1923,

Great Screen Writing in Our Times

Elect Judy Tuohy

 Elect Judy Tuohy

I ask you to join me in supporting my friend Judy Tuohy for Everett City Council in the State of Washington. We need progressive, smart and compassionate political leaders to lead us into the new century and Judy Tuohy is the person for the job.   

Campaigns are expensive and every dollar helps. Please help by sending what you can to;   

 Elect Judy Tuohy
 PO Box 12401
Everett, WA 98206