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The word compassion comes to us from the Late Latin word compati, to bear suffering, to sympathize.  To have compassion, that is, to have sympathetic consciousness of others' distress and a desire to alleviate that stress, is to practice one of the finest and noblest of emotions that we have.

What we seem to be losing these days, is the understanding that the practice and acceptance of compassion is a relationship between two equals. It is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded or the have and the have not’s’.  

Self-perfection and success

Having a national orientation on self-perfection and success is fine, it is, in part, what makes America great and what makes Americans exceptional. But within that, we should remember that we are not now, nor will we ever be, perfect and that our measurement of success should include unconditional acceptance of our imperfect selves.  If we can accomplish that unconditional acceptance of our imperfect selves and if we could instill that unconditional acceptance of our imperfect selves in our children, we would transform and elevate our nation and our world to magnificent heights beyond what any generation before had ever dreamed possible.


I don’t know

I don’t know…..we seldom have room in our selves, in our minds, for “I don’t know” but we should have room for it because the unknown factor, the “I don’t know” is a big, big part of everyday life.  

We don’t know what the rest of this hour or day will bring. In fact, in the course of daily events, we don’t know much at all, how someone will react, what will happen in the world etc. But we do know that the “I don’t know” the unknown factor, is what makes life an adventure, a challenge. Here’s the bottom line; not knowing is okay, not preparing for it and avoiding it isn’t okay.      

Protect with caution

It’s all right to protect yourself from pain and heart break and stress. In fact it’s a normal healthy thing to do, so do that when you must. Self-protection only becomes a bad thing…..and this is very common in the human condition…..when we over protect ourselves and our loved ones, even when it’s done with the highest and noblest of intentions.  (Which it almost always is)  

You see, the problem is that our self-protection can insulate us for the real world, which is full of as much pain and hurt as it is with joy and goodness.  And when we insulate ourselves, we insulate our heart and compassion and we stand in danger of becoming hard and uncaring. 

Protect with caution and common sense and remember people will disappoint you and injure you but they will also lift you up and compete you. Take the good with the bad.

...and remember to smile, here, watch this puppy-baby wrestling match 

Plan for it

Divorce, bankruptcy, poverty, loss of a loved one….whatever the thing is, it isn’t causing us to suffer. We cause ourselves to suffer by how we react to what the tragedy is and by how we relate to it.

Having everything fall down around you while you watch helplessly will happen. That sort of happening will come and go in your life like the seasons, so prepare for the bad thing, make room for it in your life, expect it and in the midst of it, whatever it is, remember these things;

You are not alone. There is a God and he’s with you and he will not desert you even though sometimes it will feel like he left high and dry, he’s there.  

No matter how much it hurts or humiliates you, this too shall pass.

You’re going to be okay or as okay as you can be in this life. It won’t hurt forever even though it seems like at the moment of impact. Time will heal this wound too.

There is something to learn and gain in all of this and eventually, when you least expect it, you’ll learn what that lesson is.   

Rethink success

Rethink the success of your day by remembering that a successful day isn’t dependent on how much you got out of it…..those things come and go….. but rather by the number of seeds you were able to plant for a better tomorrow.

and remember to smile, its good for you, here, watch this guy dance

To be fully alive

 “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again.” Pema Chödrön

Pema Chödrön (born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown on July 14, 1936) is a notable American figure in Tibetan Buddhism. A disciple of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, she is an ordained nun, author, and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage Trungpa founded.
 A prolific author, she has conducted workshops, seminars, and meditation retreats in Europe, Australia, and throughout North America. She is resident and teacher of Gampo Abbey, a monastery on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Pema Chödrön was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown in 1936 in New York City. She attended Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut, and grew up on a farm in the countryside with an older brother and sister. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and worked as an elementary school teacher in California and New Mexico before her conversion to Buddhism.


People aren't against you: They are for themselves.


This is how big a mustard seed is

If only there was a name for this curved yellow fruit......hmmmm......

Here. read this..

                                                      (Positive change doesn't happen without and effort)

When your past calls

I dream too much

“I dream too much, and I don’t write enough, and I’m trying to find God everywhere.”  

Anis Mojgani  

The possible and the impossible.

There is a significant difference between the possible and the impossible.

You are the significant difference because you decide how much determination it will take to overcome the impossible.

 It’s up to you. It is not in the stars. It’s not in the silliness of destiny, it’s within you.

Here...enjoy this picture for awhile, I put it here for you.

Life is the art

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." 
                                                                        John W. Gardner


When the other guy wins and you lose, all it means is that it was the other guys turn to win. That’s all it mean . Next time it will be your turn to win.

Winning doesn’t mean a person is strong or smart or clever.

But not giving up when you lose, no matter how many times you lose, that DOES mean  you are strong, smart and clever.

Time you give to your self

Time you give to your self doing whatever it is that makes you happy, no matter how inane it may seem to others, is a fantastic gift you give to yourself. Or, put in simpler words, time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted at all.

Inane, by the way means empty, insubstantial lacking significance, meaning, or point. It comes from the Latin inānis, empty.

Light tomorrow with today

“Light tomorrow with today” Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Do you know the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning?  They very good, very spirtual. You’ve probably heard the open ning line “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”, she wrote that, it a great poem. Here it is. Enjoy!
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
 I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
 My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
 For the ends of being and ideal grace.
 I love thee to the level of every day's
 Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
 I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
 I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
 I love thee with the passion put to use
 In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
 I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
 With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Sonnet XLIII

and remember to smile

People see what they want to see

“The higher we soar” Nietzsche said “the smaller we appear  to those who cannot fly.”

I say that people see what they want to see and it’s always from their perspective.

and remember to smile because life is short....we should enjoy what we have of it............ 


Fissiparous:  Tending to break into parts. From Latin fissi- (cleft) + -parous (bearing, producing).