John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Plan for it

Divorce, bankruptcy, poverty, loss of a loved one….whatever the thing is, it isn’t causing us to suffer. We cause ourselves to suffer by how we react to what the tragedy is and by how we relate to it.

Having everything fall down around you while you watch helplessly will happen. That sort of happening will come and go in your life like the seasons, so prepare for the bad thing, make room for it in your life, expect it and in the midst of it, whatever it is, remember these things;

You are not alone. There is a God and he’s with you and he will not desert you even though sometimes it will feel like he left high and dry, he’s there.  

No matter how much it hurts or humiliates you, this too shall pass.

You’re going to be okay or as okay as you can be in this life. It won’t hurt forever even though it seems like at the moment of impact. Time will heal this wound too.

There is something to learn and gain in all of this and eventually, when you least expect it, you’ll learn what that lesson is.   

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