John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Protect with caution

It’s all right to protect yourself from pain and heart break and stress. In fact it’s a normal healthy thing to do, so do that when you must. Self-protection only becomes a bad thing…..and this is very common in the human condition…..when we over protect ourselves and our loved ones, even when it’s done with the highest and noblest of intentions.  (Which it almost always is)  

You see, the problem is that our self-protection can insulate us for the real world, which is full of as much pain and hurt as it is with joy and goodness.  And when we insulate ourselves, we insulate our heart and compassion and we stand in danger of becoming hard and uncaring. 

Protect with caution and common sense and remember people will disappoint you and injure you but they will also lift you up and compete you. Take the good with the bad.

...and remember to smile, here, watch this puppy-baby wrestling match 

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