John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

The good life is the well balanced life.

The good life is the well balanced life.

“Kvetch” is a wonderful word from Yiddish. It means “To complain but without bitterness” over mundane problems.

To kvetch is good for you, it’s healthy. Go right and kvetch.

Just remember that when you’re bemoaning your aggravations to sing praises for your blessing because the good life is the well balanced life.


Writing restores me. The creation of even a simple sentence makes me whole again, whole in a world that takes me apart. To be clear, art, the appreciation of art, the creation of art, is not an escape from life rather it is a reshaping and rejuvenation of life.  Try it. 

Walk away

I used to be a tough guy. I wouldn’t walk away from an argument or a fist fight. I would stand my ground in the face of the devil himself.  I thought that was a show of strength.   
Then you grow up and you learn that that’s not how you show strength.  You show strength by being tough enough to walk away as soon as you see it’s all pointless nonsense.

The other guy will probably be glad that you did too.  When I was a young man we had a saying on the streets “One guy was scared to death and the other one was  damn glad of it”  

Now there are times when you do have to fight the battle.

Why? Because the good Lord, in all his wisdom, put a lot of dumb people on earth at the same time and sometimes you just plain have to fight. But first walk away.(See example below)

Hold on.

I wasted so much of my life not letting go and it cost me and it cost me dearly.  

I wouldn’t let go of the anger I held over the poverty of my childhood and over foster parents who used me for a punching bag and social workers who didn't know my name and I grew into an explosive man and because of that, people I loved feared me. 

Because I wouldn’t let go of the loss of my childhood, I lost people I loved as an adult. How stupid is that? I gave up people from the here and now so I could hold on to ghosts of the past so they could tormented me some more.

Because I carried around resentment against past betrayals and disappointments I forced people I loved to resentment me. I disappointed them because they saw things in me, good things, noble things, that I could not see in myself because I was so blinded by the fury of the past. 

It took me decades to figure out that I wasn’t fighting against those things like I thought I was. I wasn't fighting to get them out of my life.  No, I was fighting to hold on to those things, to keep them in my life. It’s what we do. It’s universal.  We fight to hold on. We fight not to let go and we do it because change isn’t easy but not letting go of past anger, resentments and betrayals cost more than any soul can afford.  

Rock bottom

The first time I hit rock bottom I was 7 years old. The state came to our house one night with the cops and put us in foster homes.

The second time I hit rock bottom was when they tossed me out of foster care because I was too old to be in the system. I was a teenager and had no place to go so I lived on the streets.
I’ve hit several other rock bottoms since then and you know what?
Don’t be afraid of rock bottom. Thor horrors of rock bottom are overrated.  I should know, I’ve been there enough.

There is a positive side to everything. Always, always, always remember that. There is even a positive side to hitting rock bottom. For one thing, once you’re there, flat on your back, you’re safe for a while because there isn’t a whole lot else the world can do to you, I mean think about it, you hit rock bottom. The other thing is when you hit the bottom  you’ll at least know where you are, you’ll know that there is no place to go but up and you can use the absolute bottom as a solid foundation to rebuild on. 

You can rebuild as many times as you fall flat.  And that applies to everything.

Don’t be afraid of rock bottom. The horrors of rock bottom are overrated and you’re a child of God. The odds are in your favor. 

How to have a basic, solid understanding of poetry.

Poetry is the language of feeling.
Just go with that and enjoy the rest.

It's all in your head, my friend.

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing 

that makes you happy or unhappy. 

It is what you think about it.” 

Keep up the good work

Enjoy life



I encourage you to change for the better

I encourage you to change for the better, to experience's a reawakening, but know that in that regeneration that there is a price to pay. You will have to give up some of the things in your life that are holding you back. Things that are now near and dear to you. It isn’t an easy to do but it is the price we all pay for talking a forward step.  

Think about it.

It sounds dramatic but the truth is that it takes guts to believe in yourself.

Think about it.

From Jesus Christ to Thomas Jefferson almost all the great and good stuff you and I believe in were once the radical thoughts of fringe characters who held fast to the conviction that what they believed in was right and refused to allow society to tell them otherwise.

They stood firm. They had courage.

If you decide to live a life where you will believe in yourself and your convictions know this; it takes time to acquire courage.  You aren’t born with it. So if, in your journey you fail a couple of times, don’t worry about. Give yourself time.

Be happy, you're going to be just fine. The worst thing almost never happens