John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Walk away

I used to be a tough guy. I wouldn’t walk away from an argument or a fist fight. I would stand my ground in the face of the devil himself.  I thought that was a show of strength.   
Then you grow up and you learn that that’s not how you show strength.  You show strength by being tough enough to walk away as soon as you see it’s all pointless nonsense.

The other guy will probably be glad that you did too.  When I was a young man we had a saying on the streets “One guy was scared to death and the other one was  damn glad of it”  

Now there are times when you do have to fight the battle.

Why? Because the good Lord, in all his wisdom, put a lot of dumb people on earth at the same time and sometimes you just plain have to fight. But first walk away.(See example below)