John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Rock bottom

The first time I hit rock bottom I was 7 years old. The state came to our house one night with the cops and put us in foster homes.

The second time I hit rock bottom was when they tossed me out of foster care because I was too old to be in the system. I was a teenager and had no place to go so I lived on the streets.
I’ve hit several other rock bottoms since then and you know what?
Don’t be afraid of rock bottom. Thor horrors of rock bottom are overrated.  I should know, I’ve been there enough.

There is a positive side to everything. Always, always, always remember that. There is even a positive side to hitting rock bottom. For one thing, once you’re there, flat on your back, you’re safe for a while because there isn’t a whole lot else the world can do to you, I mean think about it, you hit rock bottom. The other thing is when you hit the bottom  you’ll at least know where you are, you’ll know that there is no place to go but up and you can use the absolute bottom as a solid foundation to rebuild on. 

You can rebuild as many times as you fall flat.  And that applies to everything.

Don’t be afraid of rock bottom. The horrors of rock bottom are overrated and you’re a child of God. The odds are in your favor.