John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Taking a wrong turn in life isn’t a permanent condition,

Taking a wrong turn in life isn’t a permanent condition, you turn around and head back so let the life mistakes you made, once you’ve learned what you can from it, go off and die alone.  A mistake, no matter how massive it is, doesn’t define you. Let go of yesterday because yesterday let go of you a long time ago.
Every now and then stop and say this out loud “The past is over, I can’t change it. I forgive those who wronged me and I apologize to those I wronged.  And now I need to live for today and the future” Those two sentences can free you.

Conversely, don’t make the past better than it was nor should you make the present worse than it actually is and the answer to everything isn’t in the future. All that tomorrow offers is a day without any mistakes in it, yet but give it time.  The future will be less resolved then we think and the only way to predict what will happen in the future is to make it happen yourself.  It’s a new day. Here’s your goal; Be better than you were yesterday. This is the opportunity to get it right. 

Here, watch this, it's a 7 month old child hearing a sound for the first time

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