John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Don’t get discouraged with the world

Don’t get discouraged with the world because your decency and kindness gets trampled on and remember that more often then not you won’t see the results of your good work in the world. 

But don’t stop because your decent makes a difference.

When I look back on my life in foster care and I look past all the dehumanizing meanness and the coldness of it all…and I have to look past it to see  all of those wonderful people who made a difference in my life, and they were many and they weren’t extraordinary in anyway. They weren’t brilliant, rich or beautiful; they were common and ordinary but they saved me. In a hundred small ways, they saved me and gave me faith in the human race that I needed not to fail. They cared enough to spare a poor kid a few moments of their time and looked past all the things I was and saw all the things I could be. That’s all it takes to change a persons world, a moments kindness. It goes deeper and lasts longer than you know.

Keep your chin up and stay decent. 

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