John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Good words to use

Edify: verb tr.: To instruct in order to improve the mind or character. Via French from Latin aedificare (to build), from aedis (building) + facere (make). Earliest documented use: 1340.

Devolve:  To transfer or be passed (duties, rights, powers, etc.) on to another. verb intr.: To deteriorate or degenerate.  From Latin devolvere (to roll down), from de- (down) + volvere (to roll). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wel- (to turn or roll), which also gave us waltz, revolve, valley, walk, vault, volume, wallet, helix, and voluble. Earliest documented use: 1420.

Terrestrial: relating to the earth or its inhabitants, iving or growing on land, belonging to a class of planets that are like the earth (as in density and silicate composition)
 Terriers, terrariums, terraces and Terra firm all derive from the Latin root terra, which means "earth."

Heimisch or heimish or haimish: adjective: Homely; unpretentious. From Yiddish heymish (domestic), from Old High German heim (home). Ultimately from the Indo-European root tkei- (to settle or dwell), which also gave us home, haunt, hangar, site, situate, and hamlet.

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