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There is great decency in the world if you look for it

The Smith family of Winterport, Maine, was watching a video with their three-year-old daughter Ariana recently when on the screen appeared a balding little girl who was laying sick in a hospital bed.
Ariana wanted to know what was wrong with the girl in the video, according to an ABC News report, and Josh and Crystal Smith explained how some medicine can make people lose their hair.
“Without a second thought, Ariana said ‘Oh, well she can have some of my hair,’” Josh Smith told ABC News. “That’s when my wife clued me in that they have these organizations where we could donate it.”
The family found “Locks of Love,” a charity that donates hair to children with medical hair loss, and a week later, Ariana had 10 inches of her hair cut to donate to the charity.

“It was her first haircut,” Josh Smith told ABC News. “She could be so selfless like that. Her first reaction is ‘How about I give up something that I have so a little girl can feel pretty’.”

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