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The world is kinder than we think it is

Young girls using allowance money to help homeless in Washington

2 young girls in Vancouver, Washington are doing their part to help the homeless.
Rylee McCune/Helps Homeless: "Each time we do it, it's going to get bigger and bigger."
Nine-year-old Rylee McCune and her cousin eleven-year-old Infinity White are not your average kids.

Rylee says, "I like feel bad for them. They're like really cold and probably hungry."
On this cold night instead of staying cozy at home they hit the streets.
Their goal to help some of Vancouver’s homeless.

Rylee says, "We saw a whole bunch of cold people and we wanted to give them something."
The girls saved up their allowance and put together a list.

They bought what they needed with their own money.

Jeri Bonham/Rylee's Mother: "They've just kind of been putting it in a little box. We had $137 yesterday and that's how we got this stuff."

They made the trip to downtown Vancouver and it didn't take long to find some people to help.
Jeri says, "It melts my heart. It really does. They're good kids."

Christian Pepple/Homeless: "It's not often that you see young folks out there looking to do good and help out other people in life."

The girls say they'll be back out again tomorrow.

Rylee says, "It's really fun."

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