John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

The day will come in your life when you will talk to God

The day will come in your life when you will talk to God and ask him to grant you something you want by a certain day or time and as that day or time comes closer and it doesn’t look like God is going to come through so you’ll go back to God and try to negotiate a deal with him, you’ll offer him a spiritual bargain. And the all-important date or time will come and go and you won’t get the thing you want and you’ll mumble something under your breath about God being a weasel and how he never gives you anything you want but he can’t wait to give everybody else in the world every single ridiculous thing they ask for.  

Listen, firstly it’s all right to be angry with God. The human race has been complaining to God about God since the dawn of time. He’ll overlook it.  No matter what they tell you, God does not hold a grudge.

Secondly, perhaps the reason God didn’t grant your wish was that he was redirecting you, not rejecting you, God doesn’t do that. God loves you. He would never reject you.

When you’re all done being angry, consider that.