John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

The life less ordinary

To experience anything that is important in this life takes courage. What is important is often not easy and nor is it popular. 

To be kind and compassionate and decent takes courage because the world is often none of those things. 

It takes courage to live a life filled with passions because society encourages uniformity, advocates the safe route, applauds the cautious and often rewards the mundane.

Don’t look back on your life and try to recall how many times you failed to live a brave life. It takes time to develop courage. You aren’t born with it but you are born with the potential to become courageous and every day the world challenges you to put that courage to practice. You’ll have a lot of opportunity to prove yourself to yourself.

When those instances do come, expect to get knocked on your kester a few times because it is not easy to live a courageous life. You’ll fail occasionally. The day will come, I assure you, when you will compromise your convictions. That doesn’t mean you are a moral failure, a coward, or a quitter or a bad person. It means you’re human and you goofed up, you dropped the ball.  That’s all it means. Nothing more and nothing less.  

Try again some other day and when you do perhaps you’ll succeed or perhaps you will fail. It is often in the effort that we find glory.