John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Be an optimist

Be an optimist because it gets better. Life always gets better.

I was born in a slum. Placed into foster care at age 7, lived in the back of a car at 17. I had no worldly good but I had imagination and imagination is strong weapon in the right hands.

I dreamed a lot because I understood the power dreams could have over the harsh reality that was my life.

I learned to hope because hope can carry us through the worst of it.

I laughed and laughed often and loud because laughter always defeats grief and sadness and so very much of my childhood was drenched in grief and sadness.

I believed with all of my heart, my soul and my mind that one day I would find happiness.

Imagination, refusing to let go of the myth, dreams over tragedy, hope in place of despair, laughter in the face of desperation, to continue to hold out for something better in spite of it all, those are the things that will kept me alive. Those are the things that moved me forward.   

With all that behind me, I cannot, I will not, take the pessimists view because I am a witness to the provable fact that no matter what happens, no matter how unbearable it gets or how dark it becomes, life goes on, you always get a second chance and things do get better. Be an optimist