John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Life lesson: Defeat.

 Life is going to knock you on your rear end. It will happen. It has nothing to do with kind of person you are. It happens to everybody. It will happen and it happen without cause or purpose or reason. What you deserve has  nothing to do with it. Life is unfair. The powers that be in the world aren’t picking on you. Life is often unfair for you and everyone else. But there are ways of dealing with setbacks. Failure is very democratic in its reach. Bad things and setbacks happen even to the finest people. It’s not God, the universe, or the human race conspiring to ruin your best laid plans. Everybody gets defeated once in a while. The hard reality is that setbacks are a part of life, your life, my life. Everybody will take a sound life-thrashing every now and then.  This is the reality of life, learning to accept it is half the battle.

It’s all about balance. Success is not a permanent state, its transient. Things change. Don’t worry about it and don’t let it get you down. Just because you ran into a string of defeats doesn’t mean you have to be defeated. This too shall pass, I assure you it will. Keep your hopes up and keep dreaming. That sounds easier than it really is because disappointment has a way of lowering hope.

Look, you can’t win anything without meeting defeat and disaster along the way so adjust your expectations to fit the defeats. In fact, do your best to enjoy the inevitable. When life knocks you to the canvass, stay there and take the 8 count.  Relax, take in the view. When you’re ready, not when the world tells you you’re ready but when you’re ready, get up off the floor and get back into the fight. Repeat as needed.

Learn what you can from your downfall but remember that sometimes defeat has no lesson. It just happens. There is nothing to learn from it.  And when you do get up, get up with as much grace and style as you can because people tend to believe what they see.
Here’s the bottom line; you’re going be okay, you’ll see.