John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Life lesson. Character

 noun \ˈker-ik-tər, ˈka-rik-\  
: the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves : someones personality
: a set of qualities that are shared by many people in a group, country, etc.
: a set of qualities that make a place or thing different from other places or things

Have character, develop character and never stopping adding to your character because it's priceless. A great character will make you attractive, It will certainly make you more attractive to those vaporise people who are all looks and no substance. Character will bring you to interesting people and places. It will make life interesting.

Be honest •
Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal •
Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do •
Have the courage to do the right thing •
Build a good reputation •
Be loyal — stand by your family, friends, and country
Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule •
Be tolerant and accepting of differences •
Use good manners, not bad language •
Be considerate of the feelings of others •
Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone •
Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements Responsibility
Do what you are supposed to do •
Plan ahead •
Persevere: keep on trying •
Always do your best •
Use self-control •
Be self-disciplined •
Think before you act — consider the consequences •
Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes •
Set a good example for others Fairness Play by the rules •
Take turns and share •
Be open-minded; listen to others •
Don’t take advantage of others •
Don’t blame others carelessly •
Treat all people fairly Caring Be kind •
Be compassionate and show you care •
Express gratitude •
Forgive others •
Help people in need
Stay informed; vote •
Be a good neighbor •
Obey laws and rules •
Respect authority •
Protect the environment •