John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Good words to have

Adumbrate (AD-um-brayt ) 1: to foreshadow vaguely : intimate 2: to suggest, disclose, or outline partially 3: overshadow, obscure.  Adumbrate tends to show up most often in academic or political writing. Adumbrate developed from the Latin verb adumbrare, which in turn comes from umbra, the Latin word for "shadow." To adumbrate, then, is to offer a shadowy view of something.

Redoubt (rih-DOUT) a: a small usually temporary enclosed defensive work b: a defended position: protective barrier 2:       a secure retreat: stronghold.  Redoubt derives via the French redoute and the Italian ridotto from a different Latin verb—reducere, meaning "to lead back," the same root that gives us reduce.

(Latin) Acquirere: to gain, to acquire.

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