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This really burns me up

There are a lot of good, decent people working in the foster care system but they are far outnumbered by people like the clowns below in the AP article.  Of course the fact that we pay the average social worker about the same that we pay a fast food worker has something to do with that.  

Why did a 14 year girl hang herself? Where was her social worker? Where were her foster parents? Where were her parents? How come nobody noticed that child was on the edge?
I’ve said this hundreds of times; if the average American knew what was going on in the foster care system they’d call for blood. These are children we're talking about, not a bunch of soulless social problems  and the guys that are supposed to stand up for them are largely idiots who don't really give a damn.

I came across this sentence today “You are not what you have done. You are what you have overcome”. If I ran things, I’d arranger for every foster kid to get that message.

Child welfare lawyers to judge: We made a 'simple mistake'
Published March 09, 2017
 Associated Press
MIAMI –  Florida Department of Children & Families lawyers told a judge they made a "simple mistake" when they gave her incorrect information about the welfare of foster children who may have witnessed a teen hang herself on Facebook live.

Judge Maria Sampedro-Iglesia had ordered the agency to explain why they shouldn't be held in contempt of court over a mix-up in identifying a girl who was in the home Jan. 22 when 14-year-old Naika Venant died.  In a Feb. 28 order, she threatened to possibly jail the agency's top Miami attorney. Attorneys said the children are getting the services they need and that the agency never meant to mislead the judge.

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