John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Good words to have

1: Of little or no consequence: trifling, inconsequential
2: Having no force : inoperative
Nugatory comes from the Latin adjective nugatorius and is ultimately a derivative of the noun nugae, meaning "trifles."

 (JET-i-suhn, -zuhn) 
To cast off something regarded as unwanted or burdensome. The act of discarding something.
Originally, jettison was the act of throwing goods overboard to lighten a ship in distress. From Latin jactare (to throw), frequentative of jacere (to throw). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ye- (to throw), which also gave us jet, eject, project, reject, object, subject, adjective, joist, jactitation,subjacent, and jaculate.

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