John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Writers hint

Reveal character in what they say, what other say about them, what they do
How was the character shaped by history?
By politics, by religion or by the influences around them
Glasses hair style dress
 Any objects that are important to them
How would they behave someplace else?
What would be their favorite photograph of themselves?
Do your characters day dream?
How does their talk reveal their class?
What are their wishes for themselves?
What secrets do they have?
Do they have any major disappointments, failures or regrets?
What do they want and what’s at stake? What’s at stake should be heart breaking
What set their journey in motion?
What are the things they love to do in a moment of joy?
Do they have any goals?
What kind of cause does the character care about?
What would crush them?
What would kill them?
What would be completely out of character for them?
What is their time and place?
Where would they fit in time?
 Do they have any conflicting desire?

Do they have any inconsistencies in character?
Is there any transformation of change in their character?
Is there a moment of grace?
Is there a moment of deeper understanding?

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