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Words to know and use

Deem: 1: To come to think or judge: consider 2: To have an opinion : believe
 In the Middle Ages, demen was a fateful word. Closely related to doom, this precursor of deem meant "to act as a judge" or "to sentence, condemn, or decree." These meanings passed to deem itself, but we haven't used deem to mean "to legally condemn" since the early 17th century. Though deem is still frequently used in contexts pertaining to the law, today it means "to judge" only in a broader sense of "to decide (something specified) after inquiry and deliberation," as in "the act was deemed unlawful" or "the defendant is deemed to have agreed to the contract." Outside of the law, deem usually means simply "to consider." Some usage commentators consider deem pretentious, but its use is well established in both literary and journalistic contexts.

Pundit: 1. A learned person. 2. A person who offers commentary or judgments as an expert on a certain topic. From Hindi pandit, from Sanskrit pandita (learned). 

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