John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Laws I'd like to see happen

Body Cameras
The state and federal governments need to regulate body cameras on cops. We need a uniform national law that requires every police department in America to issue body cameras and regulate when they are turned on and off and that states that cops must inform people they are recording when entering their home. Traffic ticket fines would pay for the equipment.

Nursing Home Cameras:
We should make it possible for families to be able to watch over their loved ones living in nursing homes by mandating cameras be allowed inside rooms to monitor and have a record of care received.

DUI Laws:
Have a national mandate that says that a person with a four time DUI conviction will have to blow into a breathalyzer to start their car for as long as they drive. However we should also allow offenders to apply for a limited permit if they prove they've changed.

Underage Drinking:
Fix the law so that an underage drinker who calls 911 for a friend during an emergency won't face criminal charges. It would promote safety and I think it would be better overall in ensuring people don't die in situations like that.

Pill Bottle Caps:

The nation is in the grip of an opioid overdose epidemic. If a doctor prescribes a patient with opioid medication, we should require that a new type of locking type of be placed on the bottle and have a numerical locking device with a combination.

Animals and Pets:
If a person is convicted of cruelty towards animals while a child is present they should face a very stiff fine of at least $500 and 1000 hours of community service.

All schools, public and private, must have a concussion committee to help student athletes with concussions. The team will be responsible for concussion education and recovery plans. It should be uniform across the United States.
The “zero tolerance” policy for bad behavior in schools doesn’t always make sense. You don’t punish a kid for life for making a childish decision. The school administrator’s should be required to exhaust every effort before taking a student out of school.


Eliminates the statute of limitations for rape cases that covers only new offenses and isn’t applied retroactively. Think Bill Cosby on this one.

and other stuff.....

Mail-in ballots should be able to be dropped offed or mailed to any elections office in the state, not just in the area where the ballot was issued.

We need to severely, drastically limit law enforcement’s ability to seize private property under the policy of asset forfeiture so that only a conviction will be required to hold the property. The cops have abused this law way way way behind its intent.  

Enough is enough. Motorists should not be allowed to hold a wireless telephone or “electronic wireless communication device” while driving. Instead, the device must be mounted in a place “that does not obstruct the driver’s clear view of the road and does not interfere with the deployment of an airbag.”

Children younger than 2 years old must be required to ride in a rear-facing child passenger-safety seat. This is only common sense but still…..

All single-toilet restrooms in businesses and public buildings must be gender-neutral. Otherwise gender-neutral toilets are an idiotic idea that will end up costing taxpayers billions in law suits.

Tax the hell out of cigarettes purchased.

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