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Common Cents by Tom and John Mills

Nearly 20 years ago, I wrote about some ideas for happiness:
— Plan ahead. If nothing else, plan to write everything down. No surprises. Not only will I write in my well-worn calendar/planner, but I will actually use it as it was designed to be used.
— Keep a budget. Budgeting is not just for those starting out in life.
— Save a little each month. Do it in some account: savings, 401(k), college funds. It doesn’t matter.
— Pay off credit cards early. Those evil plastic demons are modern man’s albatross. Use them sparingly. When used, try to pay the balance off as soon as possible.
— Get a health checkup. With good health you can be productive. Without it, you may not be.
— Review insurance — life, disability, medical or nursing home. Being over-insured is almost as bad as being under-insured.
— Recognize those who make you look good. We all have them and most of us take them for granted. It may be a spouse, partner or a co-worker. Most of us would not be where we are today if it weren’t for the help of another significant person or two.
— Since I’m on a roll here, end relationships that cause you pain. There may be a few people in your business or personal life who cause serious pain.
— Improve relationships that give you joy. Relationships are like bank accounts. If we overdraw, we pay a serious price. If we make regular deposits, we earn the privilege to make withdrawals. How’s your bank account with those who bring you joy? When was your last deposit?
— Avoid procrastination. Every aspect of one’s life is hampered by this nasty habit. If you put it off, it may put you out. Don’t wait. Make the list and do it. You know the areas of your life that need work.
— Clean up the clutter. This is important. Most of us do this. We have too many projects. Undone projects create clutter. It is essential to decide what is unimportant and put those things away.
— Be grateful. Grateful for those who have helped you get where you are. It may be to a higher power or to an important person. Whomever. Show your appreciation regularly and often.
I hope this year will be another year of prosperity for me and for you.

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