John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

No one is an island

Before you wander out into the world today or tomorrow consider this; a lot of people you come across, whether you engage them or not, see themselves as the center of the universe and judge everything as it relates to that.  In their world, you and me and everyone else are essentially decorations to their existence, back up actors and bit players on their stage of life.
A lot of people……..to be clear I used the words a lot of people, not all people…… see themselves as the center of the universe and work on the assumption that all of their actions will cause other people to think about them. For these folks, all things emanate from them and people are allowed into their world, their solitary island of self, only when it is convenient and useful.

So the question is, if a lot of people are behaving this way shouldn’t you do the same? Shouldn’t you behave that way as well? Isn’t that the best way to protect yourself?
The answer is no. Just because other are brain dead doesn’t mean you have to join them. Be aware of this way of this way of thinking but avoid thinking that way.  The stuff of life isn’t about convenience nor are we intended to roam through our lives on a solitary island because there is no happiness in that. We should create our own happiness and a large part of that happiness should be brought to us by others. People, with all of their failing and annoyances, are not decorations sent down from above to make us feel better about ourselves. They are sent to us as gift to increase our happiness. Share your island. Be happy.   

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