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We discovered Shepherdstown, which is in the West Virginia panhandle, about three years ago and we go there often, driving out on the weekends.  It’s a college town, filled with interesting and eclectic shops and wonderfully good restaurants of every type.  We go there each Halloween and set up a table and give candy to the kids who parade up and down main street in customs because most of the houses in the area are spaced fairly far apart from one another.   Here’s the web site for that blog http://halloweeninshepherdstownwva.blogspot.com/

Here are some photos of the town

There is an English woman in town who runs two restaurants, this one serve British food and its pretty good, actually. 

This is my favorite place to eat in West Virginia, The Blue Moon Cafe.  It used to be agas station in the 1940s, one of those old fashioned tyoes with the roof over the pumps. It's a great place, the food is very, very good and they play jazz.

                                     Halloween, this guy is a local dentist

There's Mary in the window

Mary and Bart

This a lock on the Potamac River just on the edge of Shepherdstown. In the 1820s, I've forgotten the actual date, Irish workers who were digging the nearby C&O canal, went on strike.   Protestant-Irish workers, who the Irish had underbid for their jobs, attacked the Catholic Irish on the lock. It was a bloody battle, several people were killed. The state doesn;t have a memorial there.    

At one point we decided to sell out house in McLean Virginia (about 1 hour and 45 minutes away) and buy this house which came with five acres overlooking the Potomac and was priced much, much, much less than our home in McLean. In the end we back out because the property had just enough problems to scare us off.

Paw Paw tunnel on the C& O canal, built through the center of a Mountain by Irish workers who were promsied $1 for two days work. Most were never paid.

From this point you can see West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and a small part of