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I’m willing to bet that this clown doesn’t have a job, keeps several foster children at his house and gets by on his income from being a multi-foster care parent.

 Matthew Tumey, 46, left a 7-month-old infant in his car for more than 10 minutes. The vehicle was running and left unlocked. A person walked by and saw the infant in a car seat. The person and a second concerned citizen stood with the child for more than 10 minutes before Tumey exited the store.  21.
Tumey told officers he had a lapse in judgment and made a bad decision by going inside Home Depot for a soft drink. The arrest report notes a Sonic drive-in is located near Home Depot, and Tumey could have used the drive-thru and not abandoned the child in his vehicle.
The moron is facing one count of child desertion. Bail was set at $5,000, and the suspect has bonded out.

Another foster child is murdered, this one in Rhode Island.

Zha-Nae was a foster child in Warwick Rhode Island. She had severe cerebral palsy and numerous other medical conditions, one requiring a feeding tube and survived in a wheelchair. On January 3, 2019, the police found her face-down in a bathtub where she had been placed eight hours earlier.

EIGHT HOURS EARLIER. Think about that.

The child was in the tub because her foster mother, a money-hungry loon named Michele Rothgeb, decided to take the day off from caring for the eight children, ranging from 2 to 15 years old, in her care. Four of those kids were her grandchildren and the other four, special needs foster kids.

Rothgeb was eager to take in the hardest-to-place children. It should be noted that the state pays more for hard to place kids. As an example, Rothgeb was being paid just under $4,800 a month in subsidies to help cover the costs associated with caring for a child, particularly if they require additional care because of their needs. Subsidies do vary based on each child’s needs.
Adoptive parents are not required to account for how they use the subsidy.
Zha-Nae, remarkably, was allowed to be adopted by Rothgeb by the state. Anyway, her income from the state for caring for the four children was about $12,000 a month. Pretty good for an ex-con.
Rothgeb has a previous record for larceny and spent a year in prison on that conviction. On top of that, Rothgeb attempted to sell the free formula, that is paid for by the state, prescribed for another child in her care, and on more than one occasion denied social workers access to her home.
According to the affidavit written by Detective Patrick McGaffigan of the Warwick Police Department, when they arrived at the home after the 15-year-old called, the scene “was nothing short of abhorrent….The conditions of the home were deplorable and had an overwhelming odor of urine and feces. There was garbage all over the house. There was an old sandwich in the dog’s bowl. There was a pile of soiled diapers on the floor that had a stench of urine and feces. There were two beds in the bedroom. One had been soiled with feces and urine and appeared not to have been changed in many months. There were sippy cups left on the soiled bedding. Detectives further observed there to be bugs on the ceiling. The second bed had a netting around it, and it was soiled with what appeared to be animal droppings.”
The police also added that Zhanae, who was wheelchair-bound due to health complications, would not even be able to utilize the wheelchair as “Due to the clutter of the home there was limited space to move about the home freely and there was trash all over the floor.”
There were two dogs in the house – a small poodle and a Bullmastiff mix. There also was a guinea pig and two turtles, one of which “was in the sink in the downstairs bathroom and the other was in a bin on top of the toilet.”
Rothgeb told detectives that she had been sick with the flu for two weeks, leading her to be “hands-off” with the children in the home. Two of the children, including a 15-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome who was instructed to take care of the remaining children, are Rothgeb’s grandchildren. She had adopted the other six kids.
The 15-year-old child had been tasked with being the primary caregiver to the house full of special needs children, which included tasks such as changing diapers and cooking for all the children in the household. Early in the morning, the boy had assisted Zhanae after he saw her crawling from her bedroom to the bathroom “covered in vomit.”
The boy helped her into the bathroom and cleaned her up and proceeded to leave 2-3 inches of water in the tub for her to play in, “which is something she typically did.” He returned a few hours later to feed her from a sippy cup and refilled the tub, as it had a weak drain. He left a couple hours later to get three of his siblings off the bus, including his 13-year-old brother, and then began to cook.

The 13-year-old checked on Zhanae around 4:30 p.m. – approximately eight hours after she had been first put into the tub – and “found her lying face down naked in the empty tub unresponsive.” The 15-year-old called 911. Zhanae was pronounced dead at 5:46 p.m. at a local Hospital.
“Based on the victim being left naked and alone in the bathtub for somewhere between 3.5 to 8 hours, the apparent long-term lack of supervision and care as evidenced by the deplorable living conditions of the house, it is requested that a warrant be issued for one count of Cruelty or Neglect of a Child RIGL 11-9-5 for Michele Rothgeb,” the affidavit concludes.
It actually gets worse. The Department of Children, Youth, and Families employees had ignored potential dangers in the house. In October 2014 a social worker assigned to the child protective services unit visited Rothgeb to find her struggling to prepare dinner for six children, most of whom were 6 or younger.
“The three littlest were in cribs crying and waiting for [Rothgeb] to pick them up. Given the ages of the children, this is the only way she can prepare dinner or do anything while the children are awake. I don’t think it is appropriate, just because we have placed too many children with her that are so close in age that requires a lot of attention.... I definitely think the number of children is a safety concern given she doesn’t have a lot of support.”
No additional supports or services were provided by DCYF for Rothgeb or the children.
The social worker’s supervisor said visits “occur when they need to address issues” and “admitted that leaving eight special needs children alone in a home and a foster parent who secures children in mesh security tents when she goes out” as Rothgeb did, are issues that would “rise to the top. However, no such visit occurred.”
When, in 2015, Rothgeb was  worried about the outcome of a home study for Zha-Nae after concerns of Rothgeb’s obsessive hoarding arose, her assigned DCYF worker wrote: “You need some RELAX pills. Your [sic] not the worst hoarder LOL. I am not worried.”
Rothgeb has been charged with cruelty and neglect. One unidentified DCYF employee has been placed on administrative leave and three others were put on limited duty….boy, that’ll teach em a thing or two about helping to murder children, huh?

Another foster kid is murdered...

They buried another foster kid last week. His name was Malachi Lawson and she was 4 years old when she was murdered in Baltimore. The found his tiny body in a dumpster on August 3rd.

Her mother,  Alicia Lawson, and her mother’s wife, Shatika Lawson. They’ve both been charged with involuntary manslaughter, child abuse, assault, reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and giving false statements. They are being held without bail.
If it helps, she was killed when the system tried to do the right thing.
Malachi was removed from his home by child welfare officials in 2016.
Jill Jackson, Malachi foster mother said he arrived at her home “… very frightened, very timid, very scared, very shaky. As time went on he was a happy little boy. He would play with the other kids. He laughed, he joked, he played ball….he had a smile that would light up this whole city…. “I wish [Child Protective Services] would have left him in my home,” Jackson said. “The court made a decision. ... I would have loved to have him. You get attached to the baby, but what could I do?”
Less than a year later, Malachi was returned to his mother and her wife because the foster care system aims to reunify families wherever possible, which, generally speaking is a good thing.
Jill Jackson, Malachi's former foster mother, closes her eyes after releasing balloons in Malachi's honor.

Malachi’s mother and her wife put the boy in a scalding bath, badly injuring him but decided not to take him to a hospital out of fear of being arrested. He suffered from the scalding burns from his waist to his feet for 9 days….9 days….before he died . That’s when they tossed his body into a dumpster in an ally. His mother initially reported Malachi missing, and then under questioning y detectives, she admitted that she had unceremoniously dumped her boy’s body in a trash can.
“I’m hurt,” his foster mother said. “I’m human. He’s a baby. His life is gone. No school, no nothing. No children. No birthdays. No Christmas — no nothing.”

Writers opportunites

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Blood Money is the 13th studio album by Tom Waits, released in 2002 on the ANTI- label.
The album contains songs written for the musical WOYZECK, based on the play of the same name by Georg Büchner. The theatrical adaptation was directed by Robert Wilson, with whom Waits had worked on two previous plays: The Black Rider and Alice, both of which resulted in soundtrack albums. The latter was released simultaneously in 2002 with Blood Money. The play premiered at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen in November 2000.



Cookie Monster sings Tom Waits, obviously


Starting tonight, Waits appears in the world premiere of playwright Thomas Babe’s “Demon Wine” at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. It is Waits’ first full-length performance in a role written by someone else. (Babe is best-known for his works “A Prayer for My Daughter” and “Fathers and Sons.”)

“I feel a little intimidated,” he uttered in a low, almost slurred growl--his natural voice. “There’s this great cast around me: Philip Baker Hall, Carol Kane, Jan Munroe"--plus reunions with his longtime friend Cort, and Pullman, who showed Waits the “Demon Wine” script during the filming of “Cold Feet.”



Mr. Waits's Steppenwolf venture, ''Frank's Wild Years,'' is playing a sold-out run through July 20 in the new Briar Street Theater here. It cannot be counted a complete success, but there are reasons for its problems, probably correctable ones. Right after the Chicago run, Mr. Waits and his band (which plays in the show) will record its songs as an album. And at some point, the hope is to re-stage the show in New York, where Mr. Waits now lives.

All along, Mr. Waits has seemed to be playing the same part, so consistently one presumes the part is him. ''Frank's Wild Years,'' seen Tuesday night, is an attempt at a theatrical expansion of his stage image. But it remains pretty much a one-man show.



Rejoice, lovers of avant-garde theater. The mysterious “Black Rider” returns to menace your dreams once more.

A collaboration between singer-songwriter Tom Waits, stage director Robert Wilson and Beat Generation author William S. Burroughs, “Black Rider” is making a comeback in the Bay Area. Staged in 2004 at American Conservatory Theater, now the dark fable is being revived by Berkeley’s always edgy Shotgun Players.

Directed by the estimable stage auteur Mark Jackson, an inventive director who brought the memorable “Woyzeck” to life at Shotgun in 2012, this is likely to be a thrilling evening of song, tableau and despair. Tread with caution into a topsy-turvy realm where musical theater bleeds into carnival nightmare. In Burroughs’ adaptation of a 19th-century German folktale, a devil’s bargain goes awry for Wilhelm, a lowly clerk, who yearns to marry Käthchen, the daughter of a wealthy man. How will he prove his worthiness if not by making a deal with the devil?



You've heard all about Victorian England, with its facade of strait-laced propriety masking a tortured sexual repression. Now comes the stage show. "Alice," Robert Wilson's breathtakingly elegant realization of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass," presents a parade of the repressed and the morally bloodthirsty that is so stark it lives up to one's childhood nightmares of a sinister world bent on punishing every evil thought.

The three-hour production, which opened the Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Friday evening, also has moments of whimsy and antic humor that match Lewis Carroll's source material. With music and lyrics by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan and a book by Paul Schmidt, "Alice" is performed in English and German (with supertitles) by 12 actors from the Thalia Theater of Hamburg.

Like "The Black Rider," the Wilson-Waits-William Burroughs collaboration that the same company brought to the Brooklyn Academy two years ago, "Alice" elucidates an international theatrical style in which Minimalism, German Expressionism, Japanese kabuki and American pop bump against one another in a grand, eye-catching pageant. As before, the director's visual images and lighting design lead; the music and text follow.



The music is by Tom Waits. Teller from Penn & Teller approved the magic. The acrobatics are by Pilobolus. The words? Those are  Shakespeare's. It's a fiendish combination that makes a new and limited run of "The Tempest" at South Coast Repertory L.A.'s most mesmerizing show of the moment. Run, levitate or use whatever rough magic is necessary to see it before the show vanishes September 28 (2014)



Bette Midler and Tom Waits: I Never Talk to Strangers

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