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Writers opportunities


This 2-day workshop at Primary Stages ESPA is your opportunity to learn the structure and language of television writing so you can work to join the ranks of distinguished playwrights-turned-television writers. Instructor Jonathan Caren, writer for "The Sinner" Season 3 (USA), "A Million Little Things" (ABC), "Rise" (NBC), and "Gypsy" (Netflix), will help you learn the tools to transition from stage to screen. By the end of this workshop, you will have a broad understanding of the components of television writing and be able to use these tools to start to develop your own pilot.
NEXT WEEKEND! Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21. 

Payment plans available. 


Enigmatic Society Productions is accepting full-length scripts with LGBTQIA+ themes for our 2020-2021 season. Chosen playwrights will receive a full-length production with a standard Dramatist Guild of America playwriting contract (Not a membership, but the playwright will earn a percentage of each ticket sold). Enigmatic Society Productions is an LGBT theater company that is focused on the development of new LGBT-themed scripts and re-imaging classic plays and musicals.


The New Voices Series is looking for your original 20-40 minute Halloween scripts to fit a Halloween theme. We will select three shows of between 20-40 minutes that have a Halloween theme. This can be interpreted any way you want--murder mysteries, dramas, comedies, historical or modern--it's all up to you. It can take place at Halloween or it can have a creepy/macabre/supernatural element, or any other way you want to write it! 


The Diverse Voices Playwriting Initiative welcomes submissions for full-length, unproduced plays by playwrights of color in accordance with the mission statement of the Crossroads Project. A diverse panel of judges comprising faculty members and students will select one playwright as the winner of the contest.

*** FOR MORE INFORMATION about these and other opportunities see the web site at https://www.nycplaywrights.org ***


This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. And one small step (and giant leap) will celebrate that milestone in a distinct, creative way.

"To Touch the Moon," a theater production underway at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa, will blend drama and science to foster an explorer mindset in young people with autism.

This initiative will both explore the human journey to the moon and ignite curiosity about science, technology, education and math (STEM) in its audience. [Moon Memories: Thousands of Apollo Photos Released Online] 

Sans space helmet but in full Apollo mode is Gretta Berghammer, who teaches drama education and theater for youth at the university. In 2014, she received the Autism Society of Iowa Stephen Tsai Award for Excellence in Autism Education. Her newest project will bring the moon shot down to Earth.



Ethan Lipton (No Place to Go, Tumacho) returns to The Public with a new adventure in bittersweet and hilariously off-kilter storytelling. With music composed and performed by Ethan Lipton, Vito Dieterle, Eben Levy and Ian Riggs, THE OUTER SPACE tells the story of a couple who buy an old spaceship, leaving the noise, pollution and overpriced rents of Earth for the vast beauty and treacherous terrain of the final frontier. But can they survive the mission?



From 2001: A Space Odyssey, to Gravity and Interstellar, cinema has a history of dramatising the intergalactic unknown.

But the vast and often mindboggling issues around human endeavours in space are now to make their way on to the usually resolutely earth-bound London stage.

Pioneer, which opened this week at Shoreditch Town Hall, is endeavouring to stretch the usual capabilities of theatre as it explores the first human mission to Mars, through characters that are both on this planet and floating millions of miles above it. It is particularly prescient timing, opening in the wake of Nasa’s discovery of liquid water on the red planet – considered the first essential ingredient to building life on Mars.

The multimedia play, which is the original work of science-focused theatre company Curious Directive, made its debut at the Edinburgh festival last year, where it was given the Scotsman Fringe First award.



This is it! The stage adaptation of Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, considered by many to be the worst movie ever made! Packing B-Movie thrills into 65 hair-raising minutes, the story goes something like this: Visiting space soldiers use a magic-electro-space-ray-gun to resurrect a recently deceased (and perfectly ghoulish) human couple, putting ‘Plan 9’ into action. The aliens must stop mankind from developing ‘Solaramite,’ a substance that could set off a chain reaction of cosmic explosions that would destroy the entire universe. With ‘Plan 9’ activated, the space aliens step up the action. Flying saucers invade! Hollywood reacts! The Pentagon responds! Even Colonel Sanders tries to stop the aliens and, well, this was absolutely the worst movie ever made.



Winner of the 2017 LA Fringe Festival Encore Award, Trump in Space is Star Trek meets Avenue Q meets Trump, a musical battle of good vs bad, and ideals vs opportunism. This original musical is an epic space adventure filled with all the sci-fi tropes we love and all the politics we love to hate. 400 years in the future, the fallout of the Trump administration has left humans stranded in search of a new planet. We follow Capt. Natasha Trump, a direct descendant from President Donald J. Trump, in her race to find humanity a new planet because due to crazy Trump shit, the earth blew up!



Jared Michael Delaney’s new science fiction play “Voyager One” is really out there.

Out there in the sense that NASA launched its Voyager 1 space probe on Sept. 5, 1977, to explore the outer solar system and so far it has traveled 13.5 billion miles – making it the most distant man-made object ever. It still receives commands and transmits data to Earth.

But what if many years in the future, suggests Delaney’s 90-minute play at the New Jersey Repertory Theater in Long Branch through July 21, 2019 Earthlings reencountered the probe? And it’s evolved. And may be dangerous.



"Setting the Mikado in space does not erase the orientalism that is present in the opera's name, music, characters, or history," Yokoyama wrote on Facebook.

"I think they are trying to put a Band-Aid on this after realizing that people have hurt feelings,"  said Dmae Roberts, executive producer of the Theatre Diaspora project, Oregon's only Asian American/Pacific Islander theater company, and a writer for The Asian Reporter who wrote a column about the play. "And it isn't just hurt feelings. It's a wound that just won't heal without proper first air."

After comments by Yokoyama and others, Smith said he had "five to six hours of conversation with three different representatives of the Asian American community in the Portland area."



A Midsummer Night’s Dream
by William Shakespeare

(HELENA enters stage right while LYSANDER and DEMETRIUS, who have both been enchanted by the magical nectar of the love-in-idleness flower, vigorously pursue her.)


(LYSANDER weakly reaches toward HELENA.)

HELENA: … !!

(DEMETRIUS grabs his chest in pain. HELENA sheds a tear that boils away in the cold vacuum of space. HERMIA floats in limply upstage.)

A Streetcar Named Desire
by Tennessee Williams

(STANLEY shouts for STELLA who has fled up the stairs to EUNICE to escape her husband’s brutality.)
STANLEY: … hhcckh… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(He falls to his knees in despair.)

STANLEY: … hhcckh… cchrrkh… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(STELLA appears from above and attempts to run down the stairs to embrace her husband, but an asteroid hits her squarely in the chest jettisoning her sideways. She exits stage left with the asteroid.)

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