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The Great Sycowski

In 1934 a dapper character named Abraham (Sometimes he referred to himself as Alex)  Sycowski showed up at the Polish border claiming to be returning Pole from the United States. The Poles refused him entry because he lacked a US passport or any other solid identification.
 Sycowski then went to Paris where police reported that he had set up an opium/ morphine trade ring however he fled to Austria in 1935 before he could be arrested. However, the Austrians locked him up because he had entered the country on fake Canadian passport.
While awaiting his trial, Sycowski spread a story that in the United States underworld he was known as "Kid Tiger", that he had been a bootlegger in Chicago with distilleries in Canada. He said he was close friends with Al Capone and Jack "Legs" Diamond and that he was sitting on several million dollars that belonged to them which he was guarding in deposit in an Amsterdam bank. He eventually he added to the story by saying he was a half brother to New York goon Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.
Another rumor had it that Sycowski had financial connections to Mussolini's Fascist party and was underwriting the Dictators army in Africa turned out to be at least somewhat true. And he did have money. Border guards found $2.5 million in Jewelry and about $5 million in Swiss francs in his luggage.
The little that is known about Sycowski is that he was born on July 13, 1892, in Wielgolyn, Poland, the son of a Jewish feldspar. The family moved to Chicago in 1898 and he may possibly have been a booze smuggler.

While it was all very interesting, the Austrians locked him up seven months, after which he was booted out of the country for Romania but the Romanians refused him entry. He did manage to sneak into France and lived in Paris for a while until he was deported in 1937 to GdaƄsk in Poland. After that he disappeared from public view, never to be heard from again. He was more than probably executed by the Nazi’s.

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