John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

My advice to a young person

Live to experience a whole range of emotions. Be authentic and don’t wear a mask.

Don’t project your moods and feelings onto others, or blame other people if you are having a bad day.

Appreciate the beauty of others. Be happy for them when successes come their way.

Be secure in your own identity.

Don’t criticize or hope fail.

Let offenses go. Don’t take it personally. You do those two things by developing a healthy, and balanced, self-esteem.

Be concerned when friends suffer and offer them support.

Is not in competition with others in their life. Compete against yourself.

Don’t magnify the bad or distort reality although that’s easy to do.

Know and work on your shortcomings and recognize your strengths.

Appreciates the small things.

Make the most of right now.