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Sidney Korshak

Korshak Rodney Sidney: AKA The Fixer. In 1958 the McClellan committee wanted to talk with Gus Alex very badly and the committee told the FBI to find Gus Alex, subpoena him and drag him in for questioning.  The problem was, the FBI had no idea where to find Gus Alex, who was lying low until the committee left town. The Chicago cops said they didn't know where Gus Alex lived. The FBI put Bill Roemer, the human bloodhound, on the case.  
What agent Roemer was able to find out was that in April of 1957, when Gus Alex and his wife applied for a rent at a posh Lake Shore Drive apartment house a letter of recommendation was written for him by state Senator R. Korshak, brother to mob lawyer Sidney Korshak. When Bill Roemer paid a visit to Senator Korshak to ask about the letter of reference, Korshak refused to cooperate denying that he even knew Alex "I only met the man once and that was on the street" and had no idea where Alex could be located.  Next Roemer went to see Sidney Korshak himself at his Chicago law office at 134 La Salle Street. Korshak explained that he also barely knew Gus Alex, that their wives were friends. However Korshak did say that as far as he knew the Alex's were in Beverly Hills and Korshak had allowed them to use his white Lincoln Continental Mark 111 which he kept parked at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Roemer also knew that Korshak had allowed the Alex's to use his villa at the Ocotillo Lodge in Palm Springs. Roemer said that he would be back to question Mrs. Korshak as to the where about of Gus Alex.  Korshak blew up and told the hulking FBI man to stay away from his wife but Roemer stayed on Korshak. 
One evening Roemer called Korshak again and Korshak surprised him by offering to set up an interview between Roemer and Mrs. Korshak in Beverly Hills that same evening. "I'll tell you" Korshak said "where you can reach her this evening. She will be at the Mocambo on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angles having dinner with Peter Lawford and his wife. I think you know who Mrs. Lawford is, don't you?"  Roemer forwarded the information to Washington who elected to back off.
Sidney Roy Korshak began representing the Chicago Outfit in 1930, and acted as Willie Bioff’s counsel during the Hollywood Studio scandal. Aside from representing the Outfits criminal and financial interests in Vegas and California, Korshak also ran a powerful law firm in Beverly Hills (Although he was never licensed to practice in California, he maintained no official Los Angeles office and had bills mailed from Chicago) and, due to his friendship with MCA founder Jules Stein and his chief aide Lew Wasserman, was a power within the Hollywood community.
When Korshak showed up unexpectedly at a Las Vegas hotel during a 1961 teamsters' meeting, he was immediately installed in the largest suite, even though the hotel had to dislodge the previous occupant: the union's president, Jimmy Hoffa.  As an advisor and money manager, Korshak was so valuable to the Outfit lower-level hoods were ordered by their Skippers never to approach him.

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