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Lormar Distributing Company

Lormar Distributing Company: A company owned by Chuckie English (Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana were thought to have started the firm with their own cash) the company was a record sales and jukebox sales distribution firm that undersold competitors by selling bootleg copies of top recordings. On the hit record, You Can Make it if you Try; Lormar was thought to have sold 86,000 bogus copies to stores in three months. The pirating was flawless and even the color and coding from the recording companies label was perfect.  In addition to buying records from Lormar, operators were forced to pay $3.60 per jukebox per year in protection money. 
The messages to Midwest operators was simple, buy from Lormar or die, and most did. A rival wholesale record firm in one year lost $800,000, or 90% of its trade. The mob then decided to create its own singing sensation and introduced crooner Tommy Leonetti as their favorite and demanded that distributors fill their juke boxes with his records.

When one Chicago distributors named Ted Sipiora refused, saying: "It isn't good enough to get on the boxes." One of the hoods showed him a bullet and said "These things can be dangerous. They penetrate flesh." Soon afterward, said Sipiora, he began getting calls for the Leonetti record from operators who had heard the same sales pitch. When Sipiora told his story to the McClellan crime committee, NBC dropped Leonetti from its dance show American Bandstand. However, he was picked up by the Arthur Godfrey show, which wrongly assumed they were getting a trio called Tommy, Lee and Eddie. 

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