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Duffields, West Virginia

I go by this place often so yesterday I stopped, got some photos and did some research. (The location remains a railway deport, the train from Shepherdstown into DC stops across the street from the old Dufffields Deport)

Duffields Depot is a 177 years old but it was only active from 1839 until 1883. The B&O railroad paid a landowner, a man named Duffield, $2500 as compensation for the portion of his land used for the railroad’s double-track right-of-way. With the money, Duffield constructed the extant stone-and-wood structure, which served as both a house for the B&O station master and as a storage depot for incoming and outgoing goods and commodities.
During the Civil War, the B&O was an essential lifeline of communication and shipment for the Union Army, for Washington, DC, and for the northern states in general.  On October 14, 1864 the infamous “Greenback Raid” led by Colonel John Singleton Mosby’s (Mosby’s Raiders) 43rd Virginia Battalion took place nearby.

The Confederate raiders cut the B&O tracks just west of the Depot and when the train derailed they took 20 prisoners and 15 horses. Among the prisoners were two paymasters with over $150,000 in government funds. Four months earlier, on June 29, Mosby attacked the actual depot and took fifty prisoners, including two lieutenants, before being forced to retreat by federal troops. 

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