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Borcia John Patrick AKA John Borcy

Borcia John Patrick AKA John Borcy. Born 1898. Arrested in Chicago’s West side numerous times in the 1930s. He lived at 958 North Hamlin Avenue in Chicago. Borcia was a close friend of Tony Accardo’s and Nick Circella. Primarily a jewel thief. In 1928, freelancers kidnapped his wife, Olive, as a means to extort $100,000 in stolen diamonds from Borcia. Borcia criminal record included one conviction in New York for murder in the late 1930s.

He operated the Primrose Path Bar at 1159 North Clark Street, in Chicago, which was probably owned by Accardo. In the late 1950s, he opened a second bar called the Primrose in Los Angeles, which had been owned by LA mob boss Jack Dragna.(1429 Thelborn West Covina and 4757 Kennsington Drive in San Diego. Dragna, by the way, died wearing pink pajamas) Police suspected that Dragna continued to run a brothel above the bar after Borcia took over. The place was also known as a buglers meeting place. 

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