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…and we give them “favored nation status”

…and we give them “favored nation status”

Writer and Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo was sentenced in 2009 to 11 years in jail for "subversion", after he co-wrote a text calling for democracy in China. His wife Liu Xia remains under house arrest. At that point, Norway froze its diplomatic relations with China. But then Norway's salmon industry suffered as exports to China were halted.

So to get things back where they were, the Norwegians agreed, basically to stay out of China’s business in the future (Diplomatically speaking Norway pledged its commitment to the one-China policy and respect for China's territorial integrity.)

As for Liu Xiaobo, the Norwegians, his last hope, left him to rot in his cell but still, that’s A LOT more than we’ve done for him.

With the Norwegians off their backs and the Americans nowhere to be found in the name of freedom, the Chinese have started a new crack down, this time charging an a human rights campaigner named Li Jiangpeng with subversion. (For calling for a more democratic government in China)

Li Jiangpeng was taken away by police in February and is still being held under "residential surveillance" at an unknown location on suspicion of "incitement to subvert state power"
Actually no one knows why he is being held. They don’t actually have to charge you with anything in China to lock you up.

This is their second swipe at Li. The Nazi Chinese, that’s what they are, had detained him last year before without charge. Li was having dinner with rights activists Deng Hongcheng, Xiao Bing, Wang Wei, Huo Yan, and Shen Li when the Secret Police  rounded them all up.  The following day, friends and relatives Ding Yan, Wang Jun, Huang Anyang, Li Nanhai, Wang Jianhua, and Deng Jianfeng also went missing after they inquired with police after their whereabouts.

Li Nanhai's father said his son "finds it hard to let go of his fantasy" of human rights and the rule of law, suggesting that he is unlikely to admit his "crimes" and get more lenient treatment.

Wang Jun's wife Yan Junjun, who is six months pregnant with the couple's child, said she had traveled to lodge an official complaint about his detention in Beijing during the annual parliament last month, but was detained and escorted back to Shenzhen by police. She is now being prevented from traveling to take care of her sick, elderly parents.
"My pregnancy is quite far advanced now, so I feel very tired, and can't go out much, but if my health allowed it, I would be out there fighting for our rights, and searching for my husband," Yan said.

That woman has more balls than everyone in the United States Government and all of the American people combined, including me. 

Many peaceful critics of the government remained locked away, including Liu Xiaobo and Uyghur economist Ilham Tohti, the group said ahead of a recent summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Eight of the human rights lawyers and supporters among the 300 detained during a nationwide raid in July 2015 are still facing trial, while another six have been sentenced; the legal proceedings have fallen far short of international standards, HRW said.


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