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Adamo, Girolamo: AKA Mo-Mo

Adamo, Girolamo: AKA Mo-Mo 4134 Lymer Drive in San Diageo. When, in 1955, Los Angeles Police Department arrested west coast hood Jack Dragna and his right hand man Girolamo “Mo-Mo” Adamo, they found a confidential address book that contained the addresses and names, and private telephone numbers, of some of the leading underworld mobsters  in the Nation. Among the names contained in this book was that of Tony Accardo, together with his residence address in River Forest, Ill. The book also contained the name of Joe Batters, which is the name frequently used by Accardo.

 On August 4, 1967, according to police reports, Attorney Frank DeSimone (7838 Adoree Street Downey Calf) became the boss of the Los Angeles Family following the death of Jack Dragna in February 1956. Reportedly, in 1956 DeSimone raped Girolamo’s wife, Marie, then 44, in front of Girolamo, who was 60 years old at the time. Several days later on June 18, Girolamo beat this wife in their rented beach house, struck in the head with an empty wine bottle and then shot her in the neck with a .32 and then committed suicide. The wife survived (She ran to a neighbor’s house for safety and married hoodlum Frank Bompensiero. 

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