John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

This the Ferry Hill Plantation

This the Ferry Hill Plantation, a national park where I go to walk with the dog. It stands on a bluff above the C&O canal across the Potomac from Shepherdstown. It’s got perhaps 80 acres or more of lawns (The original planation was over 700 acres) for the dog to run to his hearts delight and a fine gravel road for me to get my exercise.

During the Civil War, although the property is in Maryland, the plantation owners were confederates and placed under house arrest by the Union.

They were instructed to keep the shutters closed. One stormy evening a shutter was blown open. The Union Officers saw this as an act of treason, implying the owner, a Reverend was signaling to the Confederates across the river. Reverend Douglas was arrested as a spy. Although he was never formally charged, he was held at Fort McHenry for several months before being allowed to go home. The property was a pig farm from 1914 through 1928. In 1948 through 1974 it was a restaurant and then given to the Interior Department. 

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