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Pry Farm

 This morning I drove over to Maryland to get a photo of General George B. McClellan headquarters at Antietam Battle field. Oddly, his headquarters only a mile and half from Lee’s headquarters, in direct line in fact, on the same road. Of course, Lee camped in a wooded area while McClellan, a dandy if ever there was one, stayed at the Pry farm.
McClellan took over the farm for its comfortable house and because it offers a panoramic view of almost the entire Antietam Valley around Sharpsburg where the Battle of Antietam fought.

At the time of the battle, the farm grounds included a barn, smoke house, cave house, a springhouse and a toll house. President Abraham Lincoln visited the house two weeks after the battle to visit the mortally wounded Israel Richardson, Union general who died in the Pry House on November 3, 1862.

The Pry House and the barn served as a Union hospital, as well as the headquarters for Maj. Jonathan Letterman, Medical Director of the Army of the Potomac. Letterman reorganized the army's medical department, including codifying field hospital administration and developing medical logistical operations of the Army of the Potomac, procedures that are still used in one form or another in the modern military, 150 years later.

The union troops ruined the Pry’s farm and killed most of his livestock. Broke, he sold the farm and returned to his native state of Tennessee.  

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