John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

John Tuohy's History of organized crime in Chicago (R)

Rainone Mario. Chicago Outfit Informer. Rainone, a professional debt collector, worked for gambler Lenny Patrick who, according to the FBI testified on Patrick behind closed doors although Rainone denied it. The official story was that Rainone became certain that the mob was going to kill him for a myriad of reasons and turned himself into the FBI. Rainone told the agents everything he knew but then he refused to testify in court, backing u what he had said in private.

Russell, David: Resided at 2714 Simpson Street Evanston. (Brother of Harry Russel) A handbook operator

Russell, Harry: Resided at 1285 Forest Glen Drive, Winnetka.  Tony Accardo was partners with Russel in several illegal casinos spread out across Chicago in the 1950s through the 1960s, including a massive handbook at 186 North Clark Street, Chicago which was run by Russell’s brother Dave. They also owned the Silver Bar at 400 South State Street, Chicago. In the late 1950s, Accardo allowed Russell to muscle his way into the S. & G. Syndicate in Miami Beach, Fla. He was also partner with Bernard Glickman in the Hickory House restaurant at 750 Rush Street.

Ragucci, Anthony: A long time Ricca Underboss who began with Capone. Ricca suspected Ragucci, who was in tax trouble, of cooperating with the Federal Government. Police found Ragucci shot to death on October 1 1953. He was face down in a sewer on 35th street. His brother identified him by his ring with the initials "AR" since the rest of his body was ravaged by the cold.

Russel Brothers: Harry and Dave were managing partners with Tony Accardo and Lawrence Imburgio in several massive casinos in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950s. Another partner included John Patrick Borcia, who gambled from Chicago to California where he operated the Primrose Bar in LA, a place renown for its criminal element. 

Robinson James: One of three major Black lieutenants under Ralph Pierce’s gambling empire in the 1950s

Rourke Lloyd: On Feburary 10, 1939, Rourke, a nonunion truck driver, pulled his truck into the parking lot of the Fairfax at 1639 Hyde Park Blvd. when two men, one of them probably being Murray Humpreys, rushed out of a nearby parked car, and beat Rourke to death with baseball bats. Rourke had contracts to take away dirty laundry from the Fairfax and the Del Prado hotel which were being picketed by striking members of the mob controlled laundry workers union.

R&S liquor store: In 1945, Sam Giancana, flush with cash from his various criminal investments, purchased this liquor store as well as real estate on the west side. He also purchased a stately yellow brick home on Winonah in Oak Park with a $32,000.00 down payment.

Ricci, Gaetano: AKA Tony Goebels 125 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York Born in Viesti, Italy January 1, 1893. Arrived in the United States in 1898 on the S. S. Trojan Prince and became a naturalized citizen in November 1944. A low key hoodlum who was one of the links between the New York and Chicago mobs. Ricci was arrested in Chicago in 1928 with Louis (Little New York) Campagna. In June of 1949 Ricci is thought to have exerted some influence in a reshuffling of the Chicago Vice operation on the near North Side. He was elevated to Capo status in the Luciano crime family in the 1930s.

Reactivation of the Capone Mob: In 1946, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover opened the Reactivation of the Capone Mob unit which was to conduct special investigations. What the unit investigated or what provoked Hoover to open the unit remains unknown. It was closed down several months after it was started

Republic National Bank of Dallas: In 1957, the FBI learned that Sam Giancana owned, through his nephew James Perno, the controlling interest in the Bank with 81,657 shares of stock.

Rome Symphony Orchestra: Murray Humphreys daughter, Luwella, played piano with the Rome Symphony Orchestra in the late 1950s. Humphreys never heard her play since he was afraid that if he traveled out of the United States, the federal government would figure out a way to keep him from returning. Being a high profile gangster’s daughter had been difficult for her. It was not unusual for police to come to her exclusive school and pull her out of class to ask her about her father’s whereabouts. To make her life more enjoyable, Humphreys once brought in Frank Sinatra to sing at her high school “He was” she said of Sinatra “very thin then and good looking and very nice"

Rust, John: Mayor of Willow Springs Ill. On orders from Sam Giancana, Rust hired Mike Corbitt, a mob associate, to the Willow Spring police department. Corbitt eventually became chief of the department.  

Rocco, Joseph  AKA Jose Body for Sam Battaglia 

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