John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

John Tuohy's history of organized crime in Chicago (Q)

Quattrochi, Frank: Born 1905. A small time gambler shot, former bootlegger and body guard to Potatoes Kaufman killed by Marshal Caifano outside a restaurant, Burkeys Tavern,  at 34 South Clark Street on January 5, 1946. Apparently Quattrochi was dating the wife of the tavern owner, a man named Frank Yarlo. The wife, Sonya, admitted to the affair. Quattrochi was shot as he left the tavern in the company of gangsters Paul Labriola And Izzy Lazzarus.   Police hauled in Nick DeJohn and Martin the Ox Ochs in connection with the murder.

Quilici, George Lancelot: A Chicago Municipal Judge. A former vote fraud prosecutor and union lawyer. On June 23, 1951, Tony Accardo was arrested and locked up for questioning in the murder of Fat Lenny Caifano. When Accardo found out that he would be held overnight because a judge could not be found to sign his release, he called his lawyer, George Callahan, and instructed Callahan to come to the station with judge Quilici in tow and have him sign his release from jail on a bond. And that’s exactly what Quilici did.  

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