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Edna Kenny: Ireland Should Keep this clown at home

Ireland should keep this clown home

Enda Kenny, Ireland's prime minister, lectured the President and the people of the United States while he was in our Capitol building speaking at a St Patrick's Day luncheon.
After insulting our President with several snide remarks, Edna demanded that the United States grant working rights without citizenship to the estimated 50,000 Irish citizens living illegally in the United States.

(Actually the US government estimates the number to be more around 150,000 illegals, here because once again, the Irish are unable to tend to themselves inside their own nation)
 “We would like this to be sorted. (Giving illegal Irish immigrants special privileges)  It would remove a burden of so many people that they can stand out in the light and say, “Now I am free to contribute to America as I know I can and that’s what people want.’

Well, no. It’s what he wants and it’s what the illegal Irish want but nobody else wants it including the ten or possibly twenty million illegals Latins running the country at will.    
He also called for further work visas for Ireland’s young people hoping to work in the U.S.

Here’s my answer. Hell no. We have millions upon millions or American’s looking for work. Let’s put our own countrymen to work and let the Irish government employ their own people.

Then Edna…who comes from a nation that has always been and remains almost exclusively white and Christian…..decided he doesn’t the like American immigration policy and decided to voice that getting his facts wrong among them is that St. Patrick was an immigrant.
No, he wasn’t and why an official of the Irish government doesn’t know this speaks volumes about the present state of Ireland.

St. Patrick, the son of an affluent Roman official was kidnapped and brought to Ireland against his will. He returned to Ireland later, not as an immigrant, but as a wealthy Bishop and official emissary of the Church of Rome. 

Edna also declared that St. Patrick a symbol AND the patron of immigrants.
No he isn’t. The patron of immigrants is an Italian fellow named St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. Nor is St. Patrick’s Day a day in the United States, as Edna said, dedicated to the celebration of St. Patrick.

St. Patrick’s Day in America means two things. One is that it’s a party day and I’m not only fine with that, I encourage it. It pleases me that my ancestry so inclusive and makes so many people so very happy. The celebration also pumps several hundred million dollars into the dinning/ luxury economy in one day.

Secondly it’s about giving a nod to the fact that the Irish who came here in the late 19th century faced breath taking assaults from the native populace (But, take of this Edna,  not entirely because they were immigrants so much as they were Roman Catholic.)   
Aside from that, Edna is behind the times. Most Irish-Americans, including me, no longer walk in lock step with the Catholic Church so to imply that we recognize a Saint for his religious content is stupid.  

He also implied a relationship between the illegals entering our country today and the enormous wave of Irish who came between 1840 and 1910. Wrong again. The fact is that almost all of the Irish who came here during those years, came here legally.

Edna’s idiot remark about the vast contribution of immigrants to the United States was breathtakingly stupid. Someone should explain to him that we are a nation of immigrants, which explains the whole contribution thing. Who in the hell else would make the contributions?

He also overstated the Irish contribution to America, especially when place in proper perspective of the contributions of other ethnic groups who have made as many or more contributions to this country.

‘We came, and we became Americans.” Edna moaned on “We lived the words of John F. Kennedy long before he uttered them. We asked not what America could do for us, but what we could do for America – and we still do.’

Well, yes and no. It took the Irish two full generations to drop the chip from their shoulder, move out of their massive ghetto’s in the East coast cities and to stop scheming to pull Ireland away from England. (An army of battle seasoned Irish-Americans invaded Canada to free Ireland. Admirable but not the business of American citizens) It’s also important to point out that it’s a two way street, the United States did a lot for the Irish in America as well.

All of this brings to mind the question, why are we celebrating, on the national dime, one ethnic group? 

It’s wrong because it’s unfair.

Either hold one day at the White House for every ethnic group in the country or stop it. We’ve only been doing this since the 1950s, so stopping it now wouldn’t be all that tragic would it?

If we are going to continue holding an expensive White House party for one specific ethnic group, then narrow the guest list down to paying members (Citizens of the United States) and leave out foreign nationals like Edna who despise us.

Why do the Irish allow this numb skull like Enda, who once referred to Patrice Lumumba, the assassinated first Prime Minister of Congo as a nigger, to speak outside their country?  I think not. The Irish people would do well to get this clown Edna under control or keep him out of the United States where his loud mouth has done them more harm than good.

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