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Sneaky Katie Couric

Sneaky Katie Couric

The main stream media has no idea why they are so distrusted by so many Americans. Well, here’s a clue…. Sneaky Katie Couric.

God help us, she back.

Couric slithered back to NBC’s Today Show, to the joy of “Toss em under a boss” Matt Lauer.
You may recall that not to long ago Lauer once lavished praise on Sneaky Katie Couric’s documentary about control. He pitched it as a “powerful new documentary”, which “examines both sides of the gun safety debate.”

However this time he didn’t say a word about Couric’s apology for her misleading editing the documentary or the $12 million defamation lawsuit against her in connection to the film. The problem was that Sneaky Katie authorized a segment in “Under the Gun” to make a sequence where a group of pro-Second Amendment activists were vastly outnumbered while being interviewed by Sneaky Katie.

The Washington Free Beacon broke the story about the malicious edit last May. The documentary showed members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights group, tongue tied after a tough question by Couric. An audio recording of the original interview, obtained by Free Beacon, showed the League members quickly answered Couric’s query.
In the film’s final cut an eight second silence was inserted after Couric’s question, and then the film cut away from the interview. Couric later said she regretted the editing choice in that part of the film but stood by the documentary.

Lauer isn’t alone in his protection of Couric’s underhanded bias. The entire TV media ignored the documentary story. It’s called bias by omission.

But is it any wonder? Couric, who often used her position on national television to sing the praises of her liberal heroes Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter, once invited actor Charlton Heston on to her program and then lectured him relentlessly on the need for gun control. That same year Couric was cited by Gawker as the furthest left of the TV anchors.

I’ll never watch her on the screen but millions of Americans will and how dangerous is that?  
There must be scores of fresh young faces who can take her place and don’t arrive on screen with her bias

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