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Sample from "The Wee Book of Irish Recipes" by John William Tuohy


Full Irish breakfast

A typical full Irish breakfast, which can change slightly depending upon the area, can include sausages, black and white pudding, bacon and fried eggs, toast, sautéed, sliced potato, fried tomato and sautéed mushrooms.  (Black pudding may not appeal to the American senses. Basically, Black Pudding is a type of sausage made by cooking dried blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled off. White Pudding is essentially the same thing, but without the blood. Rather, it (usually) contains bits of pork meat and fat, or suet or bread or oatmeal, which is then formed into a sausage. Breakfast is usually topped off with tea (served with milk) and fried potato bread.

   Ingredients needed for this dish
 1 link pork sausage
 5-6 slices lean bacon
 1 inch of thickly sliced disks of white pudding sausage
 1 inch of thickly sliced disks of blood pudding sausage
 5 button mushrooms
 4 eggs
 1 tablespoon of butter
 Salt and pepper
 Irish brown bread
 Heinz ketchup
 2 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice
 Irish tea, 1 pot
Cooking Instructions
Heat a frying pan with a little oil. Fry the sausages slowly over a medium heat - keep turning. Add the pudding to the pan and continue to cook. Put sausages and pudding on a plate and keep warm in the oven. Place rashers on frying pan and cook until color has darkened and they crisp - transfer to oven. Add more oil to the frying pan and sauté the mushrooms. Add eggs (Your own preference) and fry in any desired style. Add the salt and pepper to the mushrooms. Serve all Ingredients on a plate with crusty French bread.  Add ketchup to taste 

“A silent mouth is melodious.” Irish Proverb

An Ulster Fry

A full Ulster Fry is the Northern Ireland version of the full Irish breakfast. The traditional Ulster Fry consists of bacon, eggs, sausages (either pork or beef) soda bread and/or potato bread, mushrooms, baked beans and/or pancakes.

Egg in Bacon Nests

Ingredients needed for this dish

4 Rashers back bacon

4 Small Eggs

1oz Dubliner Cheese

Cooking Instructions
Remove the rinds from the bacon and fry the rinds until the fat begins to run.

Fry the rashers for a few minutes until they are cooked but not crisp.

Remove from pan, curl each one in to a circle and secure with cocktail sticks.

Place bacon circles back in pan, crack an egg in to them and cook gently, spooning fat over the egg to help it cook.

Place bacon nests on slices of toast, grate Dubliner cheese over them, remove cocktail sticks.

“The light heart lives long.” Irish proverb

Dubliner Flat Omelets

Ingredients needed for this dish        
3 Eggs

50g cooked diced potatoes

50g of grated cheese

40g of cooked shrimp

10g chopped chives

20g of Butter

White Pepper

1 Large Tomato

Cooking Instructions
Chop the tomato in to small cubes,

Beat the eggs, season with pepper

In a large pan, melt the butter

Add the Potato and Shrimp and cook for 2 minutes

Add eggs and let cook for a few minutes

Add tomato and grated cheese

Finish under the grill

Garnish with chives

“What butter and whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for” Irish proverb

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