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Sample chapter from "The Book of Things Irish" by John William Tuohy


 Salem County, New Jersey: Settled by Irish immigrants from Tipperary in 1683. 

Holland, John: In the mid-1870's, Irish nationalists invaded Canada, then a British province. The idea behind the invasion, albeit a stupid one, was to hold the entire province and its loyalist population hostage in exchange for a free Ireland.   The invasion failed of course, but it did have one positive result in John Holland and his idea for a submarine.   Born in county Clare Ireland in 1840 and educated at the Limerick school by Christian Brothers, he taught school in Ireland for five years before moving to Paterson New Jersey in 1873, where his brother was already involved with the militant nationalist group, the Irish Republican Brotherhood or the I.R.B. as it was known.  Holland had been working on the concept for an underwater ship for time. He had already built a proto type in the basement of his Patterson New Jersey home, but lacked the finances to carry his idea through.  He found willing investors in the I.R.B    Holland became an ardent supporter of Irish freedom and in early, 1880, members of the American Branch of the Irish Republican Brotherhood approached him with an offer.  The I.R.B would underwrite Holland's idea for a submarine if he agreed to work in secrecy. Holland agreed.  Oddly enough, although, the I.R.B provided the funds for the prototype submarine, but they never bothered to buy the patient from Holland.  It was another example of the financial mismanagement and failure to foresee the future that would eventually bring down the well-financed organization.  Holland’s first sub was completed in 1881 and had its first successful run on the Hudson River that same year.  Called the "Fenian Ram," it was originally designed to ram British Gunboats that would come to the aid of Canadian forces when the I.R.B launched its doomed plans to invade that British province.  A second plan was to bottle up the British Atlantic fleet in Harbor with torpedoes launched from the sub, insuring a complete I.R.B victory in Canada.  But the Fenian Ram was rendered useless by a defective power system and never put into use.  At its best, it was a hair-brained, half-baked schemed destined to fail. At that point in history, England was the mightiest naval force on the face of the Earth, with Warships placed throughout most of North and South America.   What's more, the Crown held enough land forces in Canada to easily defeat any invasion launched from across the American boarder.  Like most things the I.R.B became involved with, the idea for the Fenian Ram never got off the ground.   However, in 1893 Holland was given his first contract by the US navy to build a prototype of a usable submarine.  Working with professional naval officers, Holland was able to come up with a workable version, called The Holland, a submarine with internal combustion engines for surface power and an electric motor for undersea power.  The ship was launched from Elizabeth New Jersey in 1898, and The Holland and several Holland designed ships were purchased by the navy, which more or less shelved his invention for several decades.  Holland's prototype for the Fenian Ram now sits on display in a public park in Patterson, New Jersey.

Brennan, William J. Jr: Supreme Court Justice. The son of milkman, William Brennan, of County Roscommon. With the exception of William O. Douglas, has written more opinions than any other Supreme Court justice in U.S. history.
Coleman, John: A sailor on Henry Hudson's Half Moon, Coleman was killed in a clash with Indians on the coast of New Jersey in 1609. The place where he died was named Coleman's Point, (now Sandy Hook) Coleman was buried in Coney Island. 

Frank Hague: In their Own Words.

"I decide. I do. Me. Right here. And if the people of Jersey City don't like the way I run this town.....then…..they can get another Mayor" Mayor Frank Hague, Jersey City

"Politics is business, that the part that the reformers don't get. They think this is some kind of a revival meeting, its laugh. You got to have organization" Mayor Frank Hague

"Of course the (party) workers get the jobs! Are you stupid? What would you think of an executive who hired fellows that knocked the company or didn't take any interest in it? We deliver for those that deliver for us. The district leaders and the ward men make good, we move them up, follow me? It’s the merit system, just like they have in business" Frank Hague

"(I am taken) with his free tongue and amazing frankness, he bars no subject from discussion even checking over the list of crimes charged against him in order to make sure that none has been over looked" George Creel on Mayor Hague

"(growing up) I was what folks would call a bad boy" Mayor Hague on his childhood as the eight child of Irish immigrant parents.

"Yous didn't do anything worser then I did when I was kid, I grew up in the toughest part of Jersey City, and most of my friends swiped things out of freight cars and by the time I was 12 I had played hooky so often that I got kicked out of school" Mayor Hague addressing reform school boys. He neglected to point out that by age 13 he was already a protégée of local fixer Denny McLaughlin before joining the city Police department where he worked his way up the ranks.

"Probably nobody in this country, with the possible exception of Donald Duck, is as persistently indignant as Hague" The New Yorker Magazine, on Hague’s insistent that 0any sex related criminal acts come to end in Jersey City. And they did. During his entire term, Prostitution, taxi Dancing, and burlesque shows were nonexistent.

"Yeah well, I'll say this, Jersey City is the most morlest-ist city in America" Hague reply to New Yorker Magazine

"Now you look here! I've cleaned up vice and gambling and racketeering. It’s all a goddamn lie. I'd be crazy to take that kind of money" Hague denying the well circulated story that his take from gambling in Jersey City surpassed $2 million a year. His personnel fortune was estimated to be $8 million

"I found out that four gangsters was the head of that Union and I drove them out of town and disorganized that Union" Mayor Hague a local Teamsters Union. Hague failed to point out that the local was not aligned with his longtime associates Joe Fay, and others who were said to run the Jersey City Unions for the Mob.

"I'm sorry but I cannot help you, I don't have the power to appoint these federal positions, they are made upon the recommendations of the local organization to Mayor Hague, who in turn, sends them to Washington" New Jersey Governor A. Harry Moore, who owed his political existence to Hague, explaining to a patronage seeker why he could not have him appointed to a federal position.

"I never have had any interference from Mayor Hague with the way I voted, he has never asked any of us to do anything our conscience would not approve our doing" Congress Women Mary Teresa Norton, Daughter of Irish Immigrant parents and the first elected to Congress from and Eastern State and the first women to ever chair a Congressional Committee. She introduced the first bill to congress to repeal prohibition, some suggested, to please Hague and his cronies.

"Animal spirits that all it was, I told my boys to lay off, but it was a pretty dull election and they couldn't resist the temptation to have a little fun" Mayor Hague explaining why students from Princeton College who were working as volunteer poll watchers were hand cuffed and beaten by Hague's Policemen in 1937. Five students were sent to the Hospital. Hague won the election 110,000 votes to 6,000.

"Always remember when you hear a discussion of civil rights, and the rights of free speech that (the person leading the discussion) will have a Russian flag under his coat" Mayor Hague on free speech. When newspapers ran an unflattering photo of him he ordered city news dealers not to carry the paper and any city employee found reading it would be fired.

"Sure, he had that 3 percent thing going but those of us who paid it looked on it as sort of union dues" Jersey City cop on the 3% of all city employee wages paid to Mayor Hague.

"Nobody, and I mean nobody, can beat me as long as I give the people service, and trust me, I give them service" Mayor Hague

"Tell them to stop. But I want this kept very quiet. We need Hague's support if we want to take New Jersey" President Franklin Roosevelt to Postmaster General Farley who reported that Hague was opening his political opponent’s mail and rescinding it. 

US Census Irish American population: 1,335,535 (As of 2009)
Percentage of total population: 15.9%
Probable Irish-American Catholic population: 667,767
Percentage of the total state population:7.9%
Total population: 8,638,396
Atlantic County New Jersey Irish 51,308
Bergen County Irish 135,258 4,145
Burlington County Irish 87,786
Camden County Irish 113,618
Essex County Irish 59,652
Gloucester County Irish 63,601
Hudson County Irish 52,555
Mercer County Irish 42,172
Middlesex County Irish 97,492
Monmouth County Irish 134,819
Morris County Irish 96,511
Newark city Irish 1,022
Ocean County Irish 135,051
Passaic County Irish 54,330
Somerset County Irish 43,918
Trenton Irish 42,172
Union County Irish 51,132
Catholic Diocese
Catholic Church is the largest denomination in the state
About 45% of the state is Catholic
Trenton 126 parishes 740,000 Catholics (39%)
Camden 126 parishes 445,000 Catholics (33%)
Paterson 111 Parishes 411,000 Catholics (37.7%)
Metuchen 108 parishes 446,000 Catholics (35.1%)
Newark 235 Parishes 1,319,000 Catholics (47.7%)
706 parishes
3,351,000 Catholics
Percentage of state population: 38.7%
Knights of Columbus
George Washington Council #359
Morristown LaFayette Council #514
Dover Santa Maria Council #1443
Westmont Frehold Council #1672
Freehold Benedict XV Council #2355
Cliffside Park St. Elizabeth Council #2393
Bernardsville John Barry Council #2544
Dunellen Bayshore Council #2858
Middletown Nativity Council #2976
Lindenwold Jubilee Council #3294
Flemington Rev. Dean Martin Gessner Council #3310
Elizabeth Rev. Sylvester P. McVeigh Council #4186
Kenilworth St. Joseph's Council #4969
Toms River Sacred Heart Council #5337
Willingboro Fr. Joseph A. Cassidy Council #6100
Budd Rev. Mitchell J. Cetkowski Council #6201
Jackson Hamilton Township Council #6213
Hamilton Cranford Council #6266
Cranford Hightstown Council #6284
Hightstown St. Ambrose Council #6424
Old Bridge St. Joseph's Council #6462
Mendham Fr. Damien #6575
Stirling Elizabeth Ann Seton Council #6904
Whippany St. Gerard's Council #7028
Patterson St. Therese of Lisieux Council #7647
Cresskill St. Gregory the Great Council #7677
Hamilton Square Don Bosco Council #7784
Newton Epiphany Council #8160
Brick St. Jude's Council #9193
Blackwood Our Lady of Peace Council #9199
Fords St. Joseph Council #10627
High Bridge Sancta Familia Council #11498
Washington TWP St. Mary of the Lake Council #11527
Lakewood St. Monica's Council #11529
Jackson St. Bartholomew Council #11873
East Brunswick St. Bernard's Council #12545
Rockaway George Washington Assembly #653
Somerville Rev. Msgr. John F. Baldwin Assembly #658
Brick Our Lady of Victory Assembly #670
Sayreville Msgr. John Sheerin Assembly #673
Morristown John D. McMahon Assembly #1926

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