John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Frankie Amato, mobster by John William Tuohy

Amato Frank Operative in the Gambino Crime Family. The one- time son-in-law of Big Paul Castellano. Amato had married Big Paul’s beautiful daughter Connie.
In the very late 1970’s word reach Castellano that Amato was bad mouthing him and ridiculing him behind his back.
Big Paulie

 For the sake of his daughter, Castellano let it go. However when word reached him that Amato was beating his daughter, who was eight months pregnant at the time that was the end. Amato disappeared on the night of September 20, 1980.

    The killer is believed to have been Roy DeMeo, the murder machine. DeMeo chosen style was to shoot his victims in the head, quickly wrap their heads in a towel, hang the victim upside down to drain the blood, and then butchered the body and placed it at the bottom of a landfill. 

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